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The Mountain Page Theater was established in 2020 after extensive renovation to the building donated for this purpose in 2018. The MPT is located 2.3 miles up the winding Greenville Street/Mountain Page Road before it descends into the Foothills of South Carolina. Surrounded by forests and pastureland, the theater has the advantage of scenic beauty and ample space to grow and expand.

The Mountain Page Community is the oldest settlement in Henderson County, from which the headwaters of the Pacolet River flow. Therefore it is fitting that a small theater finds its beginnings there to house an established young theater troupe formed in 2017.

The Saluda Theatre Troupe was initially formed as an outreach program for the Saluda Historic Depot. The 13 children who appeared at the first audition became the founding members of the Young Acting Krew they named. YAK grew to include twenty-three members ranging in age from four to sixteen, and with an adult group of supportive players, have already established an impressive history of musical plays and performances. Excerpts can be viewed on this website.

Having witnessed YAK perform and rehearse in borrowed spaces for two years, Hilda Pace became our first patron, donating a building on her property that had been closed for years and once run by her civic-minded mother as the Mountain Page Community Center. A team of volunteers stepped forward to make the dream of a local theater a reality. From the profits made by plays, and money raised before the COVID at the YAK Shack concession stand, work began with limited funds. Those funds were supplemented by the volunteers and business owners who donated services and supplies for the renovation. 

Since then, the building has been transformed into a theater with a state-of the art sound and lighting system built into its beautiful stage. Renovations continue as non-profit status is in process and this growing website is here to keep everyone abreast of our plans.


Executive Director, Corinne F. Gerwe

Before & After


The performing players and volunteers who make up this team represent the best of our community because they come here not only to fulfill a passion for the theater, but to support the Young Acting Krew (YAK) program, which serves the children of our area interested in the performing arts. 


Corinne Gerwe

Executive Director


Richard Rutherford

Lighting & Sound Management,

& Tutorials


Ashley Sandahl

After-school Program

Production Coordinator


Zachary Eden

After-School Program 

Theater Ongoing Renovation and Improvements Team

James Beyer

David H. Berry

Richard Rutherford

Chad Blotner

Charles Samuel Woodbery

Board Of Directors

Board Chair

Richard Rutherford

Vice President

David Berry


Tyson Griswold P.E.


Allen McCullough, Chad Blotter, Jim Beyer, Kathy Beyer,
Janet Berry, Beth Rutherford, Sam Woodberry

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